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Enhancing Productivity and Profitability

Inspired by a deep desire to solve problems and help people, BIAMIC provides services directly, or through an associate network, to clients in multiple industries to enhance their business. 
A small portfolio of Services and Products has been developed over the years to assist clients.
The balancing act of providing Innovation with Value is a key element in delivering our service.

Project Management

Project Management is a key discipline within orgaizations to facilitate change. Many organizations are geared for operational management and not for the changes. BIAMIC provides services to fill this gap for clients.

Consultancy & Key Role Fulfilment

An external view to a business has great value as business owners and executives are sometimes too close to the siutation requiring attention. We serve our clients with this service.
When key personnel leave or a gap is seen in the structure, through the associate network, these roles can be filled for short or medium terms.

Personnel Development

Knowing that people are "fit for purpose" in an organization and a team and to know that there will be a significant opportunity for them to succeed is an extremely valuable element. We work with teams or individuals to accomplish this for clients.

Products & Services

Enterprise Alert from Derdack - providing the ability to increase the effectiveness to interact with incidents and threshold violations collaboratively from anywhere to reduce impact of these events by up to 50%.


18 Suikerbos Drive
Durbanville Hills, 7550
South Africa

Phone: +27 82 825 8601